You know the details. Let’s get straight to it.

Rumors are swirling around who will direct WORLD WAR Z 2, and it is surprising. A24 continues the reign of blockbuster terror with the newest trailer for IT COMES AT NIGHT. And speaking of trailers, we check out a bunch that you’re probably unfamiliar with (and maybe get a little confused along the way). First up is BE AFRAID, then some wrestling wackiness in RESIDUE, more haunted cameras in CAMERA OBSCURA, and one of those creepy stairlifts in THE SUFFERING.

This week’s movie is WOLVES AT THE DOOR, a story that has been told countless times. Is this one any better? The results might surprise you. Finally in Round 3 we go for a hybrid of #AskModernHorrors and Topic of the Week. This week it’s all about nightmares.

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