It’s been a few weeks since we hit you with a longer episode, so sit back, turn the volume up, and get ready for a 90 minute assault on your cerebellum!

As always, we start with the news. TALES FROM THE CRYPT finally finds its grave, SHUDDER is making some big moves which include original titles and the acquisition of KUSO, according to director Josh Boone, X MEN: THE NEW MUTANTS will fall firmly in the horror genre, Adam Wingard takes a giant step up by helming GODZILLA VS KONG, and 12 FEET DEEP proves that you can never trust Tobin Bell.

Round 2 is our look at 2017’s second quarter. The first quarter of the year was one of the strongest in recent memory, so can 2017 sustain that momentum? We dive in (with a few tangents along the way) and catch you up on what to watch, to avoid, and to keep on your radar. Round 3 comes courtesy of one of you fine listeners. It’s a brand new game, and to say that we had a good time is an understatement. All that, and tangents galore, on episode 107 of The Modern Horrors Podcast.

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