Maybe we partied too hard over the weekend, but dammit, we got back in here to bring you another week’s worth of entertainment. Let’s get started.

ANNABELLE: CREATION dropped a new spooky, scary trailer and so far everyone is loving it. We almost overlook THE OSIRIS CHILD and WITHOUT NAME. The MIDNIGHTERS finally drops a trailer on us, and it look beautiful. Finally, we check out the trailer for the new short from Guy Soulsby (remember this name), GOD’S KINGDOM.

For our weekly review, we dive into the thriller that is 12 FEET DEEP. Can a movie that takes place entirely in a pool maintain our interest, and is Tobin Bell worth the price of admission? Last but not least, Luke and Jacob go mano y mano in a blend of 2 Guys 1 Cup and The Betting Game. We’re nothing if not competitive.

All that and a wee bit more on episode 109 of The Modern Horrors Podcast.

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