We made it to 110 episodes, and we still can’t have segment three ready before we hit record. It’s tradition at this point.

Strap in for the news feed; it’s a good one. George R.R. Martin is hoping to enjoy more TV fame with the latest adaptation of NIGHTFLYERS. Let it come as no surprise that THE CONJURING 3 has been confirmed. SAW: LEGACY is getting a facelift, and we think it is needed. Graham Skipper is moving behind the camera with his writing and directorial debut SEQUENCE BREAK, and proven film maker Chad Archibald shares the trailer for the anticipated film, THE HERETICS. Then we look at two newcomers. First, we go to France and look at the microbudget film, THE FOLLOWER, from Kévin Mendiboure. Then it’s the ultra weird FLESH OF THE VOID, which appears to be inspired from the French films of yore.

For our review, we join THE BAD BATCH from the rising director Lily Ana Amirpour. What the hell is going on with this all-star cast, and is it worth finding out? We’ll attempt to lead you through that barren wasteland. And finally for the aforementioned third segment, we play a contentious game of WHO AM I. The winner this week gets to hold the belt for a full two weeks since we’re off the week of the 4th.

There’s all of that and you usual tangents and nonsense in episode 110 of The Modern Horrors Podcast.

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