No need to adjust your screens; you read that correctly. The dead have risen on episode 113.

This week we had trailers for days to look at, starting with season 2 of STRANGER THINGSJIGSAW is up to the same old tricks, but looking a bit fresher than we’re used to. Mach Fassbender (no it’s not a typo, just listen) is chasing down a snow artist in THE SNOWMAN, while James Franco is growing sweet staches and keeping spooky ghost in THE VAULT. Finally we look at CHARISMATA which involves some sort of crazy cult, and go right into another cult (but this time with clowns) with AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT.

This week’s review is one that we had previously looked at in the news feed and comes to you Friday July 28th: IT STAINS THE SANDS RED. We had hopes that what we saw in the trailer would deliver a fresh take on the tired zombie genre, but did it? And of course we wouldn’t call this the Zombie Edition if we stopped there. Luke sits down and chats with the guys behind the hilarious festival hit DEAD SHACK. You won’t want to miss what those guys have to say.

In our final segment, we address the mass of new listeners out there (and of course you old faithful ones as well) as we talk about disagreeing on movies. Hopefully it sheds some light on our approach to film and the genre specifically, as well as encouraging you to hop in on the conversation. Join the Facebook community here!

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