After the enormity of last week’s episode, can you blame us for being a couple of days late?

IT director ANDY MUSCHIETTI has his eyes set on another Stephen King property, while ELI ROTH‘s DEATH WISH is the latest topic to fall victim to the Internet’s outrage. After years of sitting in some dusty Hollywood backroom (it could be well kept, we’re speculating) home invasion film KEEP WATCHING will finally see the light of day. The crew behind VIDAR THE VAMPIRE looks to prove that money is just a number when it comes to film making, and the documentary 30 YEARS OF GARBAGE: THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS STORY takes us back to the counter-culture collectable age of the 80s. Plus dog hand jobs. Sorta.

This week we dive into the gross-out fest that is SHUDDER exclusive KUSO. The artist known as FLYING LOTUS is a man with a vision, but is it the kind of vison that you want to experience? We give our thoughts on his debut venture into feature film making, as well as a bonus (and impromptu) retro movie review.

For episode 115 we’re dusting off the games bin and bringing you one of our new favorites courtesy of Jeremy (@lovecrafttapes on Twitter). Which letter will stump us this week and how many of you will lose your voice yelling the obvious answer at us? The only way to know is to press play and pour yourself a tasty libation!