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This week we wade through several terrible trailers to find a few worth talking about. Up first is TALON  FALLS,  which is apparently an actual screampark in KentuckyCREEP 2 looks to somehow surpass expectations along with Hulu original CASTLE ROCKNEVER HERE is absolutely gorgeous, but we’re not convinced how “horror” this is. Our final trailer is HALLOWEEN PUSSY TRAP KILL! KILL!. Yes. You read that correctly. Your Friday the 13th just got better because super-fan film NEVER HIKE ALONE is releasing, and it is a lot more than we realized. Finally, BEYOND THE GATES is getting a sequel and the masses (much to our surprise) rejoiced!

Our review is the festival standout, SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD, now titled BETTER WATCH OUT. Available on VOD platforms now, we’ll let you know if this holiday horror lives up to the hype or if it’s like getting a lump of coal in your stocking. We close out the episode by bringing back the games. Who leaves with a week’s worth of bragging rights and who is left crying like a tiny man-baby? Press that play button and find out now! All of that and a whole lot more on episode 123 of The Modern Horrors Podcast brought to you by The Modern Horrors Podcast Network.