Sure we’re often a day or two late, but sometimes we’re a day early! And boy are we coming at you with a special episode brought to you by Go to for a free download and extended trial!

In surprising news, CREEP 3 is confirmed before most people even get to see CREEP 2. We knew THE STRANGERS was getting a sequel, but now we know its name: THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHTTHE NEW MUTANTS may be one of the first times that we can recall a big studio following through with its promise to take a franchise “full horror”. Dating apps have never been scarier than in the life ruining film BAD MATCH, while Satan looks like he is back to make rockers bad ass in AMERICAN SATAN. Finally we get the long awaited trailer from Mickey Keating’s PSYCHOPATHS.

For our second and FINAL round, we’re coming at you with not one, not two, not even three movie reviews. We are giving you FOUR reviews. First up is our spotlight film BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 coming from S. Craig Zahler of BONE TOMAHAWK fame. It’s Vince Vaughn and violence, which may be all you need. Then we take a turn to Crystal Lake and check out the unbelievable fan-film NEVER HIKE ALONE. Sure it’s free, but your time is important and we let you know if it’s worth it. Finally, Luke went and checked out HAPPY DEATH DAY while Jacob watched the Netflix original THE BABYSITTER. Both have a level of hype behind them, but as always we’re here to sort out expectations.

That’s episode 124 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. Thanks as always to our Patrons and to those you always share and like each episode!