After a long week of guest appearances on the SinCast and the Final Girls HorrorCast, we’re back on home turf. And we’ve brought a guest of our own. This week director, producer, actor, and all-around cool guy Adam Stilwell joins us as the third man in the booth. Buckle up folks, it’s a good one.

Our news feed starts off with Jacob and Adam trying to explain who Helen Mirren is as we look at the initial details of WINCHESTER: THE HOUSE THAT GHOST BUILT. From vagina dentata to ANGELICA, Mitchell Lichtenstein is shifting gears in a very unexpected way. It should surprise no one that Luke is excited for the insanely brutal Chilean film TRAUMAbut is anyone else ready for that? Nordic cinema continues to be stupidly gorgeous with I REMEMBER YOU, while Christmas horror gets gritty with a one-eyed Santa in ONCE UPON A TIME AT CHRISTMAS.  Last but not least, Adam gives us the lowdown on all the goodies available on THE TRIANGLE DVD, on sale this Friday.

Round two we check out the highly anticipated CREEP 2. Most people were fans of the first, so we dive in to see if Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice can capture lightning in a bottle one more time. Finally, before we release Adam from his captivity, we do a round of #ASKMODERNHORRORS. Will we lick a goat eyeball? Only one way to find out. Hit that play button and share it with a friend!