We forget to mention it in the show, but we will be off next week due to travel. We’ll be right back at you the following week!

There are some trailers to be discussed. Wild trailers, weird trailers, and maybe even slightly disappointing trailers. If you’re looking for it, we got it. First up is DEATH ON A SCENIC DRIVE. Despite an awful poster, this one is worth hanging in there for. Next up is some shit that we’ve never seen before; a Finnish hillbilly horror film. Now we don’t know exactly what that means, but KYRSÄ-TUFTLAND has us ready… we think. DESOLATION tries to make camping in the woods scary again. Opinions and speculation fly on this one. There is a strong possibility that we ignored A NIGHT IN THE CABIN early on, but there is no ignoring it now. Finally we look at another example of mining nostalgia, this time from Paramount who is eyeballing a movie adaptation of ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK. How does this work, we don know but we would love to hear further speculation.

 Our review segment starts off with MAYHEM. Both Luke and Jacob were ignoring this one, and perhaps unfairly so. It’s easy to call it a BELKO clone, but that may be selling it short. We get into that and then organically morph into not one, but TWO additional mini-reviews. Both are for things most of you guys have already seen, but we drop our thoughts to see if we line up with the masses.

 Finally we do something a bit new for our last segment. We get asked to build a horror tour ride (something a la Universal Studios) using only 5 horror icons. In true Modern Horrors fashion, we wade in blind and build it right on the spot. Let us know what you think, and if you have the financing, let’s make it happen! It’s a fun and wild episode, so strap yourself down and get episode 128 flowing into those ears!