The month of December has not been kind as far as scheduling goes. Finally we were able to get back into the studio and throw down an episode. So let’s go!

First up is a slew of trailers. We check out the less than appropriately titled DEVIL’S GATEDELIRIUM (not the beer), the next entry into the Hatchet franchise VICTOR CROWLEY, and finally the multiple teasers for BLACK MIRROR season 4. The news feed rounds out with some talk about the English remake of French extreme film INSIDE. To say that people are passionate would be an understatement.

Round 2 is full of talk about movies we’ve been watching but haven’t devoted an episode to. Some are good, some are bad, and a couple are spectacular. Get your note taking device ready as we give you the rundown on what to lookout for and what to avoid. Round 3 is a challenging #AskModernHorrors. In the year of horror filmmakers directing Marvel properties, who would you want to see get the next shot?

All of that and so much more on episode 130 of the Modern Horrors Podcast. Listen and share!