It’s our last episode of the year, but don’t worry because we’re coming back live in 2018! Head over to Patreon if you want to see the stupidity as it unfolds!

This week we check out the very fully funded Kickstarter book CORPSE COLD: NEW AMERICAN FOLKLORE, South Korean film PSYCHOKINESIS, some insane sci-fi goodness from Alex Garland in ANNIHILATION, and the majestic Joaquin Phoenix being a brutal bad-ass in YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE. It’s definitely hammer time in this one.

Round two we check out the remake of a 90’s film that seems to be getting widely ignored, FLATLINERS. Is the cold shoulder treatment justified, or are we all sleeping on an entertaining movie? The elusive round 3 is here and this week we talk to Johan Bodell, the director of A NIGHT IN THE CABIN. Not only does he give us the scoop on his upcoming film, but he also drops some helpful tips for budding filmmakers. We end the episode with an old favortie, BULLSHIT ARTIST. Which of us is the best at being deceitful? All of that and so much more in episode 131 of The Modern Horrors Podcast!

Listen now, share, and we’ll see you all next year!