After a very sporadic month of December we’re back and better than ever! Unfortunately, we encounter a large hiccup in our livestream. Hopefully we will solve the problem by our next episode.

2018 looks to follow the trend of 2017 and start with a strong January. We hit the retail market and check out THE OPEN HOUSE, which may or may not be supernatural. Babysitter movies seem to be all the rage, and we’ve got another one coming with THE NIGHT SITTER. This one takes a different approach and maybe will deliver us a good witch movie. Yes. Witches. LIKE ME is an insane psychedelic journey into the dangers of culture’s obsession with life on the internet. Nic Cage is the father we always knew he was in MOM AND DAD. Finally, we check out DANUR 2, the sequel to the Indonesian mega-hit from Awi Suryadi. The man knows how to make a movie.

In segment number two, we get into SUPER DARK TIMES. This festival hit has been flying low, so we take a look at it to see what’s going on. Finally, we bring back the OG of MH games, PARENTAL GUIDELINES. Let’s just say that some of these films are way wilder than we remember. We’ve got all of that and a whole lot of tangents on episode 132 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. It’s good to be back!