Through insane equipment issues, we persevere to deliver a raucous episode. This week we’re joined by staffer, Trev Allen. Is it coincidence that we encounter technical problems with his arrival? You be the judge.

We open the news feed by discussing one of the biggest Super Bowl surprises, THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX. Bad Robot likes to keep audiences on their toes, and an announcement made 4 hours before premiering is certainly a way to do that. Next, we split over the strange and twisted fairy tale story that is NOVEMBER. It looks gorgeous, but is it just too weird? CHANNEL ZERO is busting back into your television with CHANNEL ZERO: BUTCHER BLOCK, and it looks to be the best season yet, while Blumhouse fires political shots with the marketing of THE FIRST PURGE.

Round two starts with a review of Adam Green’s latest effort, VICTOR CROWLEY, and is followed by a review of the aforementioned THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX. Everyone is fairly in synch with their feelings on both of these films, which you can watch now. We end the show with a nice, friendly, co-operative game of TAG LINES… Yeah, you guys know better then that. Shit gets talked, and a whole lot of other shenanigans on episode 137 of The Modern Horrors Podcast.