Sometimes you just have to pat yourself on the back for doing the bare minimum. That’s exactly what we’re doing this week as we put out an episode for the second week in a row!

This week’s news feed is full of some wild names. We start off with PARI, which means fairy in English. Coming out of India, you won’t be finding any Bollywood numbers in this one. Sticking with the letter P we move on to PYEWACKET. Weird name, good looking movie. BORELY RECTORY is telling the story of England’s most haunted house by resurrecting an old technology. Netflix is back to dropping movies without warning. This time it is VERONICA, and it looks like it might live up to the hype of being “Spain’s answer to THE CONJURING”. And finally we talk about DEATH HOUSE. We’ve known about this one for over a year, but recent events forced us to break our silence.

Round 2 is a review of Ted Geoghegan’s latest effort, MOHAWK. The story is a fresh idea in the genre, but does it actually deliver on something new? Spoiler: we are fervently in agreement on this one. To wrap up the episode, we dust off the always fun BULLSHIT ARTIST. Two men enter, and honestly two men will leave, BUT one of them will be talking shit.

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