After hours of Resident Evil 7 and exorbitant amounts of coffee, the Modern Horrors crew decided to record in an unfamiliar setting: the daytime.  What ensues is ludicrous, fast-paced, often all over the place, and hopefully hilarious.

As often happens in January, the horror genre starts off slow but we dug deep to find some news worth sharing.  Jeremy Saulnier of Green Room fame is taking his talents to Netflix with HOLD THE DARK, Michael Dougherty is looking to invade theaters with GODZILLA 2, Neil Blomkamp has some news about his vision for the ALIEN franchise, and Ridley Scott wants to bring the 2016 hit THE WAILING to those who can’t (or won’t) read.

Next, we follow the will of the people and review the J-horror franchise blending that is SADAKO VS KAYAKO, which hits Shudder exclusively January 26th, 2017. More #ASKMODERNHORRORS questions get answered plus a round of 2 Guys 1 Cup.

Also check out Alex Stenger’s YouTube channel, EvisceRATED.

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