So first things first. It was a bit of a hectic day that called for two buddies to sit around, drink booze, eat bacon, and smoke a cigar. We successfully did all of that, but somewhere along the way Luke developed an insane case of the hiccups. Not only did they last the entire show, they had been going on an hour before hitting record. Did that stop us? NO!

In a surprising twist, February hits us with a ton of news to cover. New images from IT hit the internet and give us a glimpse at the Losers Club. STRANGER THINGS 2 drops a trailer during the Super Bowl. We speculate about A24’s latest project, IT COMES AT NIGHT as well as WE GO ON and THE STRANGERS 2. Of course the news isn’t always happy as we find out with FRIDAY THE 13TH and WWE studios acquiring the rights to COLD PREY.

Round 2 we talk about mermaids. And musicals. Yeah, that’s right, a mermaid musical. But this ain’t your Disney variety. Hell, this might not even be horror. Whatever it is, THE LURE is making a splash with movie-goers. Afterwards, we wade right into #ASKMODERNHORRORS. All of that and what might possibly be the world record for most recorded hiccups on episode 91 of The Modern Horrors Podcast!

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