It’s one of those weeks where if Skype happened to be a person, we’d punch them. However, we persisted and prevailed! Once again dodging disaster by the skin of our teeth. And thankfully so because we’ve got a good one.

The newsfeed is a plethora of new trailers. The mysterious CASTLE ROCK, long anticipated THE VOID, outdoor romps QUARRIES and DEVIL IN THE DARK, as well as the newest entry from A24, IT COMES AT NIGHT.  February is also Women in Horror month, so we dive into the all female directed anthology XX.

The third segment this week has us welcoming CHAD ARCHIBALD from the prolific distributor BLACK FAWN FILMS. He gives us the lowdown on what they’re up to, where they’re going, and just what it’s like to be a producer.  The elusive fourth segment follows with another guest, ALEX STENGER. After some technical difficulties, we play a hilarious round of the betting game. Better memories will prevail!

All of that plus so much more on this episode of The Modern Horrors Podcast. Like, listen, and share!