Theatrical horror releases aren’t always our bag over here at The Modern Horrors Podcast, but with the tsunami of chatter around Jordan Peele’s GET OUT, we had to weigh in.  For science.  We give you that unfiltered, unapologetic review in round 2.  So what else do we have for you?

For starters we share some new developments with SAW LEGACY that is sure to excite some people.  Ridley Scott is doubling down on alien life-forms with PHOENIX FORGOTTEN, albeit in a way we haven’t seen from him before.  Netflix continues to kill (pun intended) with its original series, and DARK looks to be no exception.  BLACKOUT appears to be keeping the mockumentary alive and well, while CREPITUS has Bill Moseley looking creepier than ever.  Still not sure if that is a good thing.

We close out the show with a game of WHO AM I.  Will there be a new Rock, Paper, Scissors champion?  Do either of these two know who the hell they’re talking about?  Let the mind games begin on episode 95 of The Modern Horrors Podcast!

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