There’s a good chance that you’re one of the individuals who lost an hour due to Daylight Saving Time, but we’re here to give back with an hour of entertainment. Some of it might even be factually correct this week!

Our friends OTHER HALVES are the latest to fall victim to the new censorship over at Amazon Prime.  IT teases some footage at SXSW, but was that a good thing? THE EVIL WITHIN could be our next review, and boy does it have a story surrounding it. HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT is nigh upon us, so why haven’t we seen anything? And we have an update about BLACKOUT which was covered on last week’s show.

This week we review the website’s highest scored movie, THE DEVIL’S CANDY, which has a perfect score. Luke and Jacob weigh in on the IFC Midnight film which releases March 17th. Round 3 is another week of #ASKMODERNHORRORS. This time one lucky bastard is winning a signed poster for ‘The Devil’s Candy’. Didn’t know that was going to be a thing? Follow us on Twitter @ModernHorrors. All of that and always so much more on episode 96 of The Modern Horrors Podcast.

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