It’s Podcast day! After taking a much-needed week off, we’re back with special guest Chris Atkinson from the insanely popular YouTube channel CINEMASINS. Of course, we couldn’t just have an awesome guest without something going completely awry. Unfortunately, the audio quality in our first segment sounds like a bag of mashed up assholes, but we fix it after the first break – promise. That said, what are we talking about?

SAW is back with the eighth installment in the franchise, and people are oddly pumped about that. Kojima and Norman Reedus are reunited and hinting at a potential SILENT HILLS revival, and people are rightfully pumped for that. PREDATOR is next up for the reboot treatment – which should surprise no one – and we get ready to purge once again with THE PURGE 3: ELECTION YEAR.

All of that plus a free for all with Chris Atkinson, a competitive round of Over/Under and so much more on episode  44 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. LISTEN NOW!