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Well, folks–we’re doing things a bit differently this week. With no major release coming to us this week, we had to scramble to provide you fine folks with your regular dose of horror goodness. We’re still taking on the News Feed with THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY, the absurdity/awesomeness of THE BYE BYE MAN, a new multiplayer horror survival game called THE WILD EIGHT, a shout out to our new friends at HORROR AMINO, and an unexpected detour into FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS. Yes, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the upcoming “grindhouse epic” of FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS (and you know you are) we decided this would be the perfect time to review the film that spawned the madness, titled DEAD GOD NO!. It’s not available on VOD platforms of any kind from what we could tell, but you can snag yourself a copy of the 60s/70s exploitation goodness at Amazon on Blu-Ray or DVD… but should you?

All of that plus a “frankenstein” cluster F of a trivia game and so much more on episode 51 of THE MODERN HORRORS PODCAST. Listen now!

Also – Since we’re super nice guys, here are the links for our coverage on the film’s discussed on this week’s show:

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