We’re back! Well, some of us are. Chad is MIA once again, and let’s be honest, we all know why. So while we wish him (another) speedy recovery, we’ve got sh*t to discuss! The IT remake has officially cast its Pennywise, a new video game explores the AGONY of hell, another video game (ALLISON ROAD) gets cancelled, we get a new glimpse at the  much anticipated RED CHRISTMAS, the Clown from Slipknot is directing an uber-violent adaptation of OFFICER DOWNE, and some dumbass went around killing folks and claimed he was Purging… yes, really.

All of that plus our initial impressions of the 3 largest horror shows that have recently made their premieres: OUTCAST, SCREAM Season 2, and PREACHER on episode 59 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. Listen Now!!