After the entire country took a day off to blow shit up, The Modern Horrors Podcast returns to revel in the aftermath. So what has happened since the last time we spoke? Well, it would seem as if THE CONJURING is in full-blown franchise mode as James Wan has hinted at plans for the 3rd installment, JOHN CARPENTER is in full-blown angry grandpa mode as he talks his frustrations with the current horror scene, Adam Wingard’s THE WOODS may very well be a sleeper sequel for The Blair Witch Project, and a new teaser for Lovecraftian horror THE CREATURE BELOW makes us all feel a little… uncomfortable?

All of that plus a full review of THE BLACK COAT’S DAUGHTER (previously titled FEBRUARY), we speak on some recent #ASKMODERNHORRORS questions, play the ALPHABET GAME, and so much more on episode 63 of THE MODERN HORRORS PODCAST. Subscribe on your favorite podcast application of choice.