With mere days left before the Knoxville Horror Film Festival, Luke and Jacob hit the mics before gorging themselves on horror movie goodness.  It’s a stacked show, so strap in!

The show opens up with with some trailer talk.  Does THE DWARVES OF DEMREL do enough to convince Luke it isn’t just some fantasy bullshit?  RECOVERY is another film taking advantage of our reliance on technology.  Someone explain to us why FEAR, INC isn’t being talked about by everyone?  And holy shit is there a lot of blood in WELCOME TO WILLITS.

After the first break, we’re back with accomplished director, Trevor Cornish, who is at the helm of the feature length film, GHOSTPUNCHER.  Yeah, you read that right.  Ghost.  Puncher.  Listen in as he gives us the scoop on what could be one of the funniest horror films we’re likely to see. In typical fashion, we hop right into our usual programming with a review of THE WINDMILL.  Accusations of a Canterbury Tales tie-in get thrown around.

We wrap up once again with our own version of 31 days of Halloween with suggestions for vacation/travel movies.  This one took a little bit of thought, but there are plenty to keep you busy until next week!  Crank the volume, press play, and hit that like/love button!