I dunno if you guys have heard, but there’s an AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON remake on the way… and people are pissed. The good news is that there’s a new and original flick finishing up crowdfunding called THE BASEMENT that looks pretty sweet.  Want more good news? The first details of STRANGER THINGS season 2 are starting to trickle out, so you know we have to discuss. And lastly, the minds behind Call Girl of Cthulhu and WNUF Halloween special are bringing back the horror anthology comic with a terrific nod to the past with BURIAL PLOTS.

All of that plus a full review of festival shocker, A NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, and extended session of #ASKMODERNHORRORS and so much more on episode 79 of THE MODERN HORRORS PODCAST. Listen/Subscribe/Share!

We’re in a new recording space this week, so please excuse the change in sound. Room treatment is on the way!