We started Modern Horrors with a giveaway, and over the past 11 months or so, we’ve tried our best to give stuff to our readers/viewers whenever possible. People love getting free stuff, and we love making people happy. That’s why we’re starting MONTHLY giveaways with #AskModernHorrors.

The concept is ridiculously simple. We constantly talk about horror movies and love sharing our opinions on a variety of topics, but we want to talk about what YOU want to talk about. Submit us a question on our Twitter or Facebook pages using the #AskModernHorrors hashtag, and you’re instantly entered into our monthly giveaway. What could you win? Well, that will change monthly. But rest assured – you won’t be getting a 3-pack of dime sized Reanimator buttons. It’ll probably be a movie… maybe a book…maybe a shirt. But definitely something that we love and think that you’ll love as well.

It’ll probably be a movie… maybe a book…maybe a shirt


#AskModernHorrors kicks off this weekend and will run through the rest of September. One winner will be chosen at the beginning of each month. Don’t have Twitter or Facebook? That’s weird, but you can absolutely leave a question in the comments section of this post, and we’ll take it. Once we get enough questions – we’ll film a video segment once or twice a week that addresses your questions head-on. Questions regarding something in the Horror-realm are preferred… but there is a chance that we will address anything if it’s interesting/funny enough!