A few weeks ago I watched and finished a show that has quite possibly changed my life forever. A show that mixes badass metal music with blood, guts, and zany animation.

Similar to shows like Super Jail and King Star King, Mr. Pickles is a visceral filled, blood-bath that splatters your screen with the most grotesque, and yet oddly adorable animation.

Created by Will Carsola & Dave Stewart( Funny or Die Presents), Mr. Pickles is set in the small, old-fashioned world of Old Town( roughly based on Richmond, Virginia), that is slowly being taken over by the modern world. The show centers around the Goodman family and their innocent, crippled 6-year-old son Tommy, whose best friend is the family’s Border Collie, Mr. Pickles. The two spend their days romping around Old Town on classic adventures — while unbeknownst to Tommy and the family, except for Tommy’s grandfather who’s life goal is to expose the dog and his “evil” deeds. Mr. Pickles’ secret evil streak drives him to slip away to kill, mutilate and hump his victims.

Unlike, Super Jail and King Star King, Mr. Pickles is a lot more subtle and, at times, feels a bit tamed, which is actually a good thing. Instead of just throwing stuff onto the screen, it allows us to have our fill of sex and violence, while also giving us a set and more obvious theme-driven narrative to follow. Which raises the question: Is Mr. Pickles good or evil? I’ve noticed that most people he kills seem to have deserved it or were in the process of hurting others/themselves.

That aside, the show weighs heavy in it’s themes – physically and morally. With its main plot being about an innocent town being bombarded by the modern world, it does hold a mirror up at the stupidity and unappealing squander of your own life. Sure, there isn’t much that you can take from a show about a murderous dog, but it does stray away from being another show that aims to be weird for the sake of being weird.

At first glance, this show can easily be mistaken for your run-of-the-mill children’s cartoon, but as you begin to dive in deeper it gets a hell of a lot darker and more kickass. Even with it being subtle, it still remains to be a bizarre and twisted cartoon that makes you question your own body, which is highlighted by it’s choppy and sometimes off-putting animation.

This show is definitely not for everyone, but if you enjoy a good cartoon with a copious amount of metal, sex, drugs and violence. Than this is something to bookmark. (And you may want to see a shrink, you weirdo – I’m one of them)

(Mr. Pickles has been renewed for a second season)

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