Spanning seven films, it’s no question that the Saw franchise was extremely lucrative for Lionsgate. Ultimately responsible for the sub-genre dubbed “torture porn,” the series concluded in 2010 when the box office saw diminishing returns.  But this is horror, and adding “Final Chapter” to any title practically dares for more.  Since Lionsgate seems determined to get back into the horror game in a big way, between The Woods and Leatherface, is there really any surprise that they’d open a new chapter on one of their most successful franchises?

Rumors have been swirling for a while, but they are officially rumors no more. Thanks to the Ontario Media Development Corporation, not only do we know who is attached to direct the latest entry, currently titled Saw: Legacy, but we know that shooting is scheduled to begin Sept 12- Oct 21 in Toronto.  Super fast!

The lucky directors are twin brothers Michael and Peter Spierig, who also helmed Lionsgate’s Daybreakers. Add Sorority Row and Piranha 3-D writers Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger into the mix and you’ve got a very curious line up so far. For die-hard fans, don’t lose hope yet- Leigh Whannell and James Wan are set to return as executive producers.

Plot details are scarce at this point, but hopefully this marks something completely new for the series. With production kicking into gear so quickly, we’ll find out soon enough!saw