This is it folks. After months of “would have/should have” type statements from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp – It’s official. Well, close to it anyways. He posted the following on his Instagram account:



That’s right, it appears as if the once ill-fated project is once again back on track. Alien. Blomkamp had stated previously that franchise star Sigourney Weaver was to be attached. There is no word on if that is still the plan. It has been made clear though, that this is not related to much anticipated Prometheus 2 – which is still being directed by Ridley Scott.

There is little else known at this time other than some loose “insider” knowledge. We will keep you posted on all things Alien as it becomes available.Until then, check out this insanely badass concept art that was initially teased by Neill Blomkamp himself.