Every month is like Christmas for Horror fans on Netflix. This year the red giant has been on fire, streaming some of the best horror films from last year.  If you are curious about which ones, check out our article here.

With the emergence of March, a new crop of chillers have appeared out of the darkness.  Check out the titles below to get some suggestions and ideas!

event horizon

From Director Paul (Resident Evil) Anderson, Event Horizon is the horror film that probably got Anderson the chance to make the Resident Evil movies (Along with Mortal Kombat of course).  Although severely flawed (especially in the finale) Horizon is a scary horror film.  The cast is tremendous featuring performers like Lawrence Fishburne, Sam Neil and Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter Films).  The suspense, mystery and gore are also terrific.  The only problem is that last half…

Open Windows stars genre fav Elijah Wood, former adult film star Sasha Grey and is directed by Nacho Vigalondo (the fantastic Time Crimes).  I haven’t seen it, but I’m confident that Wood and Vigalondo can produce something interesting.  Essentially this one is a techno thriller that might turn into a full blown horror film by the final act.

Arriving three months too late, P2 is a holiday thriller starring Rachel Nicols (Ti West’s The Woods, G.I.Joe) and Wes Bentley (Ghost Rider, Hunger Games). Director Franck Khalfoun’s star is rising in the horror genre with some great material like the Maniac remake and the upcoming reboot of the Amityville franchise under his belt.  See where it all started with this Alexandre Aja produced horror flick.

I know what you’re thinking.  “Is this really horror?”  Well, that’s debatable, but it IS Terry Gilliam, director of cult classics Time Bandits and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  It is a genre film, stars some pretty popular actors and it is supposedly based on the original gothic tales from the Grimm brothers so fire it up on your Netflix list!


After Midnight has the alternate title of “Naked After Midnight”  It’s about something involving strippers, murder and Richard Greico.  It’s also directed by cult director Fred Olen Ray.  For those not initiated, Ray is responsible for “classics” like Terror Toons, eighties slasher Scalps and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers!!!  Need I say more? Add it to your list!

Before you quickly turn off your browser in disgust, remember that this film is directed by Wes SCREAM Craven.  Wes NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Craven.  it also stars Eddie Murphy “in his prime” playing something like twenty-three characters.  In other words, this is a typical modern Eddie Murphy movie.  Coming off of a hot streak that included hits like Boomerang, Another 48 Hours and Harlem Nights; Vampire was the beginning of the end for Murphy.  Featuring absurd situations and too much creative freedom for Murphy, this film is virtually unwatchable.  But it is directed by Wes Craven…..

Soul Survivors entered Hollywood towards the end of the second slasher boom of the late nineties.  It pretty much exemplifies every cliche from that time period.  The entire cast has since gone on to better things and have build long and prosperous careers.  Just for the record that is Wes Bentley (Hunger Games), Casey Affleck (Interstellar), Melissa Sagemiller (Law and order), and Eliza Dushku (Wrong Turn, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).  The story is spectacular if you haven’t seen ————- starring ———-.  Otherwise this is a complete rip-off.  Either way, it’s worth a watch if only to be transported to another time in Hollywood.

What do the movies Creepozoids, Puppet Master III, and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama all have in common?  The Answer is David DeCoteau, cult directing legend.  DeCoteau’s name is synonymous with low budget sleaze, and that’s not a bad thing.  Starring eighties fave Rae Dawn Chong (Tales From the Darkside) and Mrs. Jigsaw herself Betsy Russell, this film about feuding Hollywood queens is sure to please on some level.  The only question is how low is that level?

The last film in our list of recommendations comes from Danny Pang, one half of the Pang brothers.  Responsible for hits like The Eye and Bangkok Dangerous, Fairy Tale Killer should be interesting.  Hailing from Hong Kong, the film’s synopsis promises exciting serial killer battles and an alluring angle for the titular villain of the piece.

Now, go forth and celebrate horror on Netflix!

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