There’s no question that Alfred Hitchcock played a major influence on the horror genre, and that his classic Psycho helped shape the slasher sub-genre in to what it is today.  His impact was so great that it’s still common to see inspiration from his work in modern films today.  Yet, other than Gus Van Sant’s carbon copy remake in 2008, perhaps no other homage has been quite so overt until now.

Currently in a pre-alpha state and up for voting in the Steam Greenlight community, Gates Motel looks to be a detailed replication of the iconic Bates Motel.  Of course, due to copyright issues, the name has been changed.This horror-puzzle game sees the player as a woman who has to survive long enough to get to a telephone and call the police.  Like most survival horror games, a wide inventory system is employed as the player must explore the property and collect items as the story progresses. The player also must contend with two types of enemies: the motel owner and your own fears. Despite the striking visual and narrative similarities, the story will diverge from the source material and a paranormal element will be introduced.

The game is currently set for a fourth quarter 2016 release on PC, and you can bet that the game will undergo many more changes before release if just to avoid copyright infringement.  Judging by the Steam Greenlight trailer, below, the core concept is off to an intriguing start.