I’ve had a legitimate fascination with the possibility of extraterrestrial life since I was a small boy. It’s something that I believe most rational people have pondered about at some point in time. As far as realism or likelihood is concerned, I’d say there’s a much better chance of intelligent life on other planets existing than your grandmother’s old Victorian estate being possessed by paranormal entities. And yes, I believe in that shit too.

But while tales of paranormal activity and possessions are a dime a dozen, it’s rare that we ” true believers” get a glimpse at something with the promise of THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT. This isn’t the first time that we’ve talked about this one, but news has been developing slowly up until this point. This new 30 second spot provides an intense look at a film that appears to be much wider in scale than I previously assumed–and that makes me even more excited.

From what I understand, the completed film has screened in front of a small group of friends and family–I suppose now all we can do is wait for news on an impending release. Best believe we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear something on that front, so stay tuned and check out this brand new teaser while we wait.

On August 16, 2013, the Supreme Court mandated the CIA to declassify files that had been kept secret for the past 75 years. Visual records of documented paranormal events were released to the public. The following incident took place in Gracefield, Quebec.