In 2008, Bruce McDonald achieved the impossible; he made me like a zombie movie. Sure, Pontypool wasn’t the same cookie cutter drivel that often gets lobbed into the genres most shameful subdivision, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless. So if he can make me enjoy a film based on something I dread (goddamn zombies), what can he achieve with something I love (Halloween)? We’re about to find out.

Hellions made its festival rounds earlier this year and garnered mixed reviews. Our own Alex Aronson says it’s one of the strangest films he’s ever seen. One thing is for certain, this trailer is REALLY doing it for me… and so is the new poster. Check them both out below, and be on the lookout for Hellions in select theaters as well as VOD platforms on September 18th courtesy of IFC Midnight.

A teenager’s Halloween night turns into a terrifying fight to survive when trick-or-treaters from Hell show up at her doorstep. After getting the unwelcome news that she’s pregnant, seventeen-year-old Dora (Chloe Rose) just wants to stay in on Halloween. But then a knock at the door delivers a gaggle of pint-sized demons after one thing: Dora’s baby.

Director Bruce McDonald unleashes a hallucinatory visual and auditory assault that propels Hellions to increasingly disturbing realms of terror.