He comes with laughter, goes with death.

Badoet has been on our radar for several weeks now. We first covered it on The Modern Horrors Podcast, then we took it a step further and broke down the trailer on an episode of Modern Horrors Rewind. Now that we have spent weeks looking at the same footage, we have something NEW to share.

Be sure to show Awi Suryadi (@AwiSuryadi) and Daniel Topan (@DanielTopan) your support on twitter, and let him know you want to see his work! Localization is tough, so let’s be sure to assist in any way we can.We’ll keep you posted with additional details as they come our way.

Check out the new official teaser poster for Badoet below:

After three children are tragically murdered, a band of college students is forced to conduct an investigation. When evidence against a mysterious clown figure starts to mount, our heroes soon realize that what they are facing is a force that disguises its darkness through laughter – A force so menacing that it will not hesitate to kill to get what it wants…immortality.