Nick Antosca, an award winning novelist, producer and screenwriter, cemented himself as genre savior and gonzo television innovator in 2016 with Channel Zero: Candle Cove. Almost overnight, this swiftly became one of the best studio adaptations of creepypasta fans have ever been provided. Not only were he and his team able to pull this off in the show’s debut season, but they have done it with each iteration since including: No-End House, Butcher’s Block and most recently The Dream Door. Each season has subverted expectations, honored the source, and provided some of the most cohesive and delicate surrealism that I personally have ever seen. Antosca is clearly doing something very right.

Pretzel Jack from Channel Zero: The Dream Door

I think it’s to say that myself and many others are looking forward to more content in any capacity. So with that innate confidence in his ability and several instances of sleep paralysis starring Pretzel Jack in mind; I thought it was important to see what horror left a mark on Nick in 2018. So let’s play 20 questions.