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MH: If you had to isolate a single scene from 2018 to act as a short film, which would you select and why?

NA: The ‘truth or dare’ scene in Eighth Grade was so real and awful and uncomfortable.

MH: What film from this year do you feel “could work” if it were turned into a silent film?

NA: Isle of Dogs. But I’d rather see Isle of Cats. I’m sad they didn’t make that.

MH: Select 2 films from this year you think would be interesting to see mashed together?

NA: Eighth Grade and Suspiria.

MH: Complete the sentence: “2018 was a year of…”


MH: What is one movie from 2018 that you would want to see as a Rob Zombie remake?

NA: Mission Impossible: Fallout.

MH: What Eli Roth film would you choose to be remade with Tilda Swinton playing 3 roles. Please list the roles, I am not sorry and death is not an option.

NA: Let’s go with Cabin Fever. She could be the Deputy, Grimm and whatever his name is, the guy who comes out of the woods at the end.

MH: Were there any genre books or TV series that you would include?

NA: John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel I Am Behind You is one of my favorite horror novels of all time. I was really into Haunting of Hill House.

MH: What is one type of fear you’ve heard of and would like to see a movie about?

Somniphobia, I think, is the fear of falling asleep. It’s uncommon, but it’s a real thing. A movie like that might be interesting.

MH: Select a children’s game you’d like to see be made into a sopping, gore heavy, Battle Royale-esque geyser of mutilation.

NA: Musical chairs.

MH: Using your initials, create a cheesy slasher moniker and a title for the film they star in.

NA: My initials are NJA so I guess “The Ninja” is obvious here, right? And the movie should be called Season of the Ninja. Sounds lame.

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