The Boulet Brothers reality competition Dragula takes on a new life in this 2-hour long special exclusively on Shudder. Dragula: Resurrection brings back contestants from each season to compete for $20,000 and a chance to return on the upcoming 4th season.

**There will be an exclusive interview with the winner posted very soon**

The Boulet Brothers and the cast of Dragula: Resurrection

Welcome back Uglies!

Victoria Black, Priscilla Chambers, Dahli, Kendra O, Loris, Saint, and Frankie Doom are all back and ready to reveal more of themselves and what forged them into the accomplished monsters they are today. Initially, I was a little disappointed with only 7 contestants returning but (proof to never question The Boulet’s) this format provided a perspective viewers rarely get to see.  Resurrection’s raw quality (skeleton crews bringing the production to each artists home) affords the contestants the opportunity to catch us up on their lives and career since their time on Dragula.

This includes past traumas, near death experiences, relationship pitfalls, and their life experience during COVID-19 and the ongoing racial and political tension. Confrontation of these issues (no matter how unpleasant or emotionally visceral) is what makes the content of the Boulet’s so fearless and progressive in the best way possible. Plus, I really cannot get enough of their high concept horror infused vignettes because their aesthetic is so distinctive and well executed.

Resurrection Monsters LipSync to "In The Next Life" by Kim Petras

fearless and progressive in the best way possible

The artists are tasked with creating 3 signature looks based around past floor shows themes from previous seasons: a witch, a ghost, and a vampire. The challenge finale culminating in a lip sync to the “In The Next Life” by Kim Petras. The looks across the board were so elevated and included the use of prosthetics, detailed set building, and some cathartic pyrotechnics. We can’t reveal too much more but trust and believe this is one of the best halloween specials I’ve seen in a very long time. The final sequence in particular pays incredible homage to Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, you’re not prepared. Trust me.

Swanthula and Dracmorda Boulet

Confrontation of these issues (no matter how unpleasant or visceral) is what makes the content of the Boulet’s so dynamic.

The Boulet Brother’s Dragula: Resurrection is a Shudder Original and is available now, any and all updates regarding the upcoming 4th season will definitely be reported on. Take care uglies.