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I had a clown at my birthday once; I don’t remember it, but from the pictures my mother has tucked away in a photo album, I definitely wasn’t a fan. My next true encounter with the clown species was when Stephen King’s IT aired on ABC when I was nine years old. Pennywise the Clown terrified the hearts of children and adults across the nation, and if Coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) existed prior to Tim Curry painting his face white and dawning the red nose, it was his portrayal of Pennywise that brought the increased population of Coulrophobics into the world. I’ve since seen copious amounts of clowns since 1990, but nothing seemed to come close to that creepy portrayal… until now.

Millman Productions, along with Steelhouse Productions and Zorya Films, has now released the full length trailer for their upcoming horror film, CLOWNTOWN, and from what the trailer reveals, the increase of Coulrophobia may once again be on the rise.

CLOWNTOWN is “inspired by true events” and is based on the mysterious clowns of Bakersfield, CA back in 2014. Writer and producer, Jeff Miller, along with director Tom Nagel have made what appears to be an incredibly terrifying tale of survival which centers around four people stuck in the crosshairs of four violent, psychotic, and homicidal clowns. And while the trailer isn’t too revealing, it showcases some technical “know-how” and superb makeup FX.

I know that CLOWNTOWN has some big shoes to fill, but it has the potential to be something fantastic from what the trailer offers us. There’s no release date as of yet, so keep an eye out here at Modern Horrors for all of the latest. Until then, check out the plot synopsis, trailer, and images below:

A group of friends become stranded in a seemingly deserted small town. Only to find themselves stalked by a violent gang of psychopaths, dressed as clowns.

Clown Town poster draft 2