In battle, it’s good to have a giant.

Apparently, that’s the case in GDANSK, the new short from Oats Studios.

Started in early 2017, Oats is an independent film studio started by Neil Blomkamp, Director of DISTRICT 9, ELYSIUM and CHAPPIE. Oats’ goal is to release innovative sci-fi horror and fantasy short films which could eventually become full-fledged features. And the guy is doing all of this while working on the upcoming THE GONE WORLD, a film described as Inception meets True Detective.

Blomkamp gained even more fans when it was rumored he was taking over the ALIEN franchise reins for 20th Century Fox. Modern Horrors first shared the news here, but alas, such wonders were not to be. It’s rumored that Director Ridley Scott saw such promise in Blomkamp’s vision, that he decided ALIEN was worth returning to. Hence, ALIEN: COVENANT.

We’ve shared some Oats shorts before, and now we’ve got another to dive into. GDANSK (Danzig in German) imagines a fantastic world where an invading army takes the term “No prisoners” and dials it up a notch.

Take five minutes and give this one a squeeze.