Believe it or not, Jon Watts’ CLOWN started off as somewhat of a joke; an optimistic pipedream if anything. But after a mock trailer went viral, Eli Roth swooped in and made Watts’ dream a reality… you know, eventually.

It’s been 6 years since the “fake” trailer hit the internet, and now the completed film is finally readying for release here in the United States. We’ve shown you countless still images and trailers, but here’s a slice of film straight from the finished product for you guys to chew on. Pun intended.

CLOWN will be released in select theaters and on VOD June 17th.

CLOWN is a story of a loving father who dons a clown outfit and makeup to perform at his son’s sixth birthday, only to later discover that the costume – red nose and wig included– will not come off and his own personality changes in a horrific fashion. To break the curse of the evil outfit, the father must make grim choices with his own family facing danger.

Clown Poster