PARI, Fairy in English, is an Indian supernatural horror film that is hitting theaters March 2—not in the U.S. though. The movie lacks English subtitles, but that doesn’t mean the horror is lost. This trailer came from a YouTube rabbit hole.

It appears someone is possessed by the devil and things go all crazy, as they often do when Satan decides to do his best ventriloquist act. There are an abused victim and the honor killings. The first bit of the trailer is pretty generic with a very bad jump scare, but the horror imagery ratchets up nicely as the trailer progresses, showing some great imagery.

It’s hard to keep a thumb on the pulse of worldwide horror movies. The genre is boiling over with releases in the U.S. alone, which is how many foreign horror films go unnoticed stateside. PARI is one of those movies, especially considering we may not see it in the U.S. for quite a while—if at all.

PARI is directed by Prosit Roy. The movie stars Anushka Sharma Kohli and Parambrata Chatterjee. The movie hits theaters March 2 in India.