The craziest thing has happened over the last several weeks. We’ve gotten not one–not two–but THREE new possession projects that show a fair amount of promise. For a sub genre that has been done to death, possession flicks seem to be getting a 2nd (or 102nd) wind of sorts.

Joining Outcast and The Offering, THE POSSESSION EXPERIMENT isn’t without it’s fair share of cliches. For example, the trailer starts with low-res footage of a dude speaking into a camera–a sight that is sure to make a lot of you gag immediately, but hang in there, this doesn’t appear to be our standard Found Footage affair. In fact, I’m unsure as to how much of the film is shot in the format. It’s certainly a strong element of the film, but we can see plenty of traditional shots in the trailer as well.

Perhaps most importantly, the film looks to take a (somewhat) original approach. It looks like we’re following a guy that is live-streaming his attempt to prove possession is real. How’s he going to do that? By offering up himself as a vessel. It’s kind of like The Possession of Michael King, but from the viewpoint of a believer. I dunno, seems interesting to me. Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think.

U.S. Distribution is expected to be announced in the near future. An international release is actively being pursued. We’ll try to have a full review for you in the near future, so stay tuned.

Brandon Jensen has always loved horror. So when he has the chance to study exorcisms, he decides he is going to go all out. He starts a fund raising online campaign that goes viral overnight. With the help of two people he meets along his way, Brandon shows the whole world The Possession Experiment