I may very well be the only person in the galaxy that doesn’t lose my shit when a new Avengers movie is released. Superheroes don’t really do it for me. I certainly understand their popularity and success – it’s just not my thing. I prefer my stories a little….darker.  How cool would it be to have a superhero movie with horror/thriller elements? Pretty cool, I’m sure. That’s precisely why Prey: The Light in the Dark Sky has me even remotely interested.

Tyler Mane’s big ass stars as Prey, a man that can communicate with the dead and he is determined to right their wrongful deaths. That’s more my speed, but still, it could go either way. What we have for you today is the official trailer along with several still images AND a digital download for tie-in comic. So that’s pretty cool!. Check it all out below, and as always – we’ll keep you posted.

Update: It seems as if the trailer below was filmed previously as a proof-of-concept of sorts. At this time, all of my information points towards filming taking place “soon”. So take the trailer with a grain of salt for what the final product will be like. 

Read the comic HERE for free!

Reborn as the newest member of an ancient order tasked with keeping balance of life and death, the Shepherd Prey discovers his powers by listening to the voices of the restless dead and delivering retribution against those that wronged them. Prey’s service to the afterlife and his coming conflicts are only just beginning.