We’ve already covered the opening scene for the upcoming Brooklyn murder-fest called PSYCHOTIC!. Now, we have a full, blood-filled hipster trailer.

You have a masked maniac called the Bushwick Party Killer, which could also be the name for a new hoppy beer made in the Al Capone’s basement. He goes around knocking off hard-partying Brooklyn hipsters in Giallo fashion.

PSYCHOTIC!, written and directed by Derek Gibbons and Maxwell Frey, stars Kristen Martin, Clint Keepin, Cirocco Dunlap, Maria Wojciechowski, Dani Grace, Adam Maid, Rafael Cruz, Chris Prine, Aldous Davidson and Rachel Laforest. PSYCHOTIC! Hits various VOD platforms January 26.

A group of hard-partying Brooklyn hipsters are stalked and savagely murdered by a masked maniac known as the Bushwick Party Killer.