Desperate people. Desperate times. Mixing those two together is usually not a good thing, but damn if it doesn’t lead to good cinema.

Metropol Pictures, a film production and distribution company founded by Nicholas Bushman and Mike Dwyer, is set to release Union Furnace, a bloody bar fight of a flick on Blu-ray and DVD August 15th, 2017.

Any picture starring brilliant character actor/voice actor, Keith David (The Thing, Platoon, Crash, Pitch Black) catches my attention, especially one that features small-town losers desperate to make good. So desperate in fact, they’re willing to make deals with the devil, even if those deals lead them into wood-paneled rooms with mask-wearing city-folk who will “bet on anything“.

Joining the fun with David is Katie Keene (Clowntown), Seth Hammond, and Lyle Kanouse. Co-writer, Mike Dwyer even joins the cast for some Fight Club level of fun.

You’ll have to wait until August to place your bets, but for now enjoy the Union Furnace trailer below.

Small-town crook Cody was at the end of his rope when a mysterious stranger offered him the chance of his life. There was just one catch – in this game he would have to wager everything, including his life. Cody finds himself trapped among a band of outsiders and misfits – all fighting for their lives and a slice of the American dream. Fueled by a horde of masked sadists, Cody and the others will win a fortune or die a brutal death.