We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Andrea Monier of All Hallows’ Eve 2 [Review]. While the film is comprised of a multitude of short-film segments, Monier can be spotted in the film’s wraparound (the anchored bits seen between each short).

Monier was an absolute pleasure, no doubt about that, but she went a step further by confirming the existence of Art the Clown (All Hallows’ Eve 1) spin-off, TERRIFIER – which had an unclear future after raising only 29% of its crowdfunding goal.

All Hallows’ Eve 2 is available on DVD and Digital Download on February 2nd.

Check out our chat below:

Hey, Andrea – thanks so much for taking some time to have a chat with us. It’s much appreciated.
Oh sure.. no problem. Thank you.
Not only is All Hallows’ Eve 2 comprised of multiple short-films, but most of them had been completed for quite some time. As far as I know, your segment was the only thing that had to be newly filmed for the movie’s release. At what point were you contacted to be involved, and how did that come about in the first place?
Well I was familiar with the original All Hallows Eve project, and that was Damien Leone creating an incredible short with the Art the Clown character. So when All Hallow’s Eve decided to do a sequel – the director collected all these incredible shorts that were all kind of different, but all sort of spooky and had a halloween vibe and spirit about them. The wraparound was done after all of that.

It’s all about a woman receiving a tape at her door and watching these shorts that eventually lead to the killer coming and getting her through the tape.

Yeah, and I think that’s pretty cool. Acquiring these shorts and putting them in this anthology format is something they could theoretically do over and over again if they choose to.

Now over the last 5 or 6 years, you have appeared in several horror or “genre” films. Is that simply because those are the opportunities that keep popping up, or are you a legitimate horror fan at heart?

Yeah, I mean I am a fan of cinema in general, but horror movies are the most fun to shoot for me. The experiences and opportunities… they really lead into each other. Once you do one horror movie, you start to do more and more. So I found myself being in these horror movies, and as a result, I started learning more and more and watching more so I could get acclimated to the genre.

Horror fans are the best. They’re very loyal, they’re very supportive, and they really know their stuff *laughs*. It’s pretty cool to be a part of that community of loyal and die hard fans.

So as an actress, what makes horror movies the most fun to shoot? What about the process makes you say that?
I think there’s something in the fact of “Hey, we’re making a horror movie“, you know? I’ve done some dramas that are really heavy in the subject matter, and it’s fulfilling, but fulfilling in a different way. When you’re filming a horror movie, it just seems like everyone is there having a good time. So yeah, there’s something about the horror filmmakers too. They’re some of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with, so that always helps as well.
I can definitely agree with that. There are some fantastic people in this industry.

Have you had a chance to see the completed All Hallows’ Eve 2 film yet?

Yeah definitely – I did see it, and I know my segment isn’t a big long part of the movie – it just ties them together, but I really did enjoy watching all of the shorts. I’m a big fan of anthology movies. One of my favorite movies of last year was an anthology movie.
Yeah those are super hot right now. If you had to pick a favorite out of All Hallows’ Eve 2 – what would it be?
I think Jack Attack at the beginning, but The Last Halloween is really great too. The FX are awesome at the end with all the different characters – they’re so scary *laughs*. So yeah, I think those two are my favorites.
You mentioned before that your character doesn’t really have a huge amount of time in the movie, but you are kind of the glue that connects everything. Is that something you were happy with?
I think any feature film is really a team effort, and that was my part. My roll was to make sure things keep building and to tell a story, but also to draw the viewer in right away. And that’s what I wanted – I wanted the viewer to have an experience as if they were watching these shorts with me. I’m alone on Halloween, there are some creepy things going on, and I find this weird VHS tape at my door. So my job is to lead the audience through what I’m experiencing.

There are some implied things happening with your character at the end, but nothing concrete. So if someone was to approach you down the line and ask if you are interested in All Hallows’ Eve 3 – would you be into it?
Oh yeah, of course I would! I’m always excited about various opportunities. *laughs*. I don’t know if you saw the first All Hallows’ Eve, but they’re making an Art the Clown movie (TERRIFIER). Damien (Leone) is hardcore and amazing and a really talented filmmaker. So I would really like to work with all of these filmmakers again.

Awesome. Well thank you so much for your time, Andrea, and best of luck on all of your future projects. We wish you nothing but the best.
Thank you!