File this under Cannot Wait.

Breaking news in Hollywood has none other than Quentin Tarantino developing a feature film based on the Manson family murders. According the The Hollywood Reporter, Tarantino is wrapping up the screenplay and is again partnering with longtime cohorts, Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

Tarantino’s next film was thought to be another Western, this one set in 1930s Australia, but details were slim. It was at a 2016 film event in San Diego where the Academy Award-winning director teased another venture, a historical nonfiction project centered around the year 1970, which Tarantino has always called “the most pivotal in the history of cinema“. Now that news has broken on a near-finished screenplay on the Manson project, odds are that gem will be in production soon.

For those of you not familiar with the tragedy, let me start by suggesting you exit your cave now and then. The Manson family were a semi-cult of religious wanderers led by Charles Manson, a repeat offender who lived on the fringes of the Los Angeles music scene circa the late sixties. Together he and the members of his “family” were responsible for dozens of crimes, most notably the horrific murders of five people, one of them actress Sharon Tate, the pregnant wife of Director, Roman Polanski (Rosemary’s Baby, Chinatown, Frantic).

No official word yet on casting, but whispers on the street have Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence in consideration, as well as Margot Robie (Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street) meeting Quentin for the role of Sharon Tate.

As for Manson himself, he’s spent more years behind bars than free. He currently resides at Corcoran State Prison in central California and will be up for parole in 2027 at the age of 92–if he makes it to 92.