Established in 1997 Night Shade Books (currently operating under Skyhorse Publishing/Start Publishing) have consistently provided impeccable genre content that evolves as we do. For more than 2 decades they’ve anticipated and adapted to trends with aplomb. Their collections are refreshing, subversive, and have helped launch the careers of many well known authors of today.

NSB are known for their “Best Horror of the Year” anthology collections. Whether you’re a hardcore horror buff, science fiction addict, or just a fan of dark fiction in general; there is a story for you and everyone in these collections. I was lucky enough to receive The Best Horror of The Year: Volume 10, The Devil and The Deep, and The Best of the Best Horror of the Year: 10 Years of Essential Short Horror Fiction (releasing early October) to feature in an ongoing review series.

Ellen Datlow, an eight-time Hugo Award winning editor and anthologist, has been the driving force in assembling these collections. Her level of research is unmatched and possibly the most compelling part of her process. Her selections give light to new voices in dark fiction; while also including gems from established genre authors in the community. I had the opportunity to reach out and discuss her methodology, experience, and the horror genre overall. Synopsis list is on page 2 and the full interview with Ellen is on page 3.

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