You’d think that sickos would eventually learn to stop abducting vivacious young women after all of the revenge tales that we’ve seen over the years, but fuck it, right? You might even think that there’s little left to explore in the good ol’ “hunter becomes the hunted” story line, but you’d be wrong. EVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH separates itself from the often gratuitous tales of yore by infusing a bit of levity into the scenario. This fun horror/thriller follows the misadventure of two beautiful young ladies named Sloan and Katie whom escape after being abducted and tortured only to return for vengeance on their captors. EVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH is coming to UK DVD and digital platforms on June 13th, 2016 courtesy of Solo Media and Matchbox Films.

We’re unaware of a U.S. release as of this writing, but you can go ahead and check out the brand new trailer, images, plot synopsis, and poster below while you patiently (and optimistically) wait.

Dreaming of a trip to New York City, two beautiful young women leave for the countryside to earn some extra money working on an organic farm. Along the way, Sloane and Katie are kidnapped and tortured, by a town of psychopaths. When the girls finally escape, they decide to return to the scene of the crime and settle the score.